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Tree & Shrub Planting in Schererville, IN

Trees & Shrubs Planting, Schererville, IN Most landscapes have a certain number of plants and shrubs on them. Not only do these features add beauty to the building or structure that stands on the property, but they lend shade and help reduce pollution levels in your immediate surroundings as well. Many property owners wonder whether they really need to hire professionals for getting the plantings installed on their property.

They feel that they can easily get some local gardeners to pick up some plants and different shrubs and tree saplings from a nearby nursery and install them in the landscape. But this will not help create a well-planned garden space that looks great right round the year. We at T&J Landscape Services provide residential and commercial landscape installation services in Schererville, In, and surrounding areas.

Custom Tree Planting Services

We are a company that has been operating in this space for several years and strongly recommend to prospective clients that they consider hiring professionals like us for their tree and shrub planting requirements.

We recognize that every property is different and that every property owner will have some specific ideas and preferences about what they want their landscape to look like. Therefore, we conduct detailed discussions at the beginning of the project & provide information on the types of shrubs and trees available and where they can be planted such as:

  • Having beautiful, landscaped areas is about choosing the ideal blend of shrubs and trees. Some plants bloom only in certain seasons and will then shed their leaves over the other months. These are referred to as annuals and their life cycle is completed within a year.
  • We also plant perennials; these trees and shrubs will have leaves right round the year. They are a vital component of any landscaping project. They are available in a range of heights and colors and they also bloom in different seasons. These plantings naturally thrive and bloom through the spring and summer months. They shed all their leaves in autumn and then get revived the following spring. Perennial flowering plants add color and liveliness to the landscape for a large part of the year.
  • We also plan and install perennial shrubs along the periphery of your property if you want a live boundary wall. The same can be done to demarcate walkways, pathways, and the driveway from the rest of the garden spaces.
  • We ensure that the topsoil is chosen with care and that the right types of organic fertilizers are added to the soil before installing the plants and fruiting trees.

When you won’t compromise on the quality of your landscaping installations, the only company you need to call is T&J Landscape Services. We are focused on providing high-grade services at extremely competitive landscape plantings cost. Feel free to call us at 219-374-9900 and discuss your requirements with our experts. You can also contact us and send project details via the Contact Us form on our website and we will call you back.

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